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In a Nut-Shell :
Olympic Dam/Roxby Downs is a mine that digs up the world's most toxic element - uranium, has had negative consequences for the Aboriginal groups of the region, adversely impacts the Great Artesian Basin and associated Mound Springs in the Lake Eyre region, has a massive leak or "seepage" from it's tailings dam, unnecessarily irradiates workers and the residents of the Roxby Downs township,.........

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Glossy Reports, Grim Reality :
MPI's Expose on WMC

Examining the gap between a mining company's social and environmental record and it's public relations campaigns......a case study of WMC Ltd. An 84 page report by the Mineral Policy Institute (Sydney, NSW).
Check MPI's website for details!

Location Where on earth is the Olympic Dam/Roxby Downs copper-uranium mine ?
Deposit What is the size of the ore body WMC are mining ? What minerals are they mining ?
Background Briefing

Chain Reaction Article
Indigenous Interference
In January, 1995, violence broke out between two rival Aboriginal groups in the outback town of Marree, SA. Allegations were made of WMC involvement due to their public supporting and signing of an agreement with one group, the Dieri Mitha, excluding the widely recognised traditional owners, the Arabana.
Aboriginal Heritage :
Media Releases
WMC Gains Control of Aboriginal Heritage
In December 1997, the SA Government passed a further amendment to the Roxby Indenture thereby giving WMC control of Aboriginal Heritage over 1.5 million hectares, an area vastly bigger than the mine lease. The bill has been described as an appalling denial of justice for Aboriginal peoples of the region.
Tailings Seepage
Gross Mismanagement of Dangerous Tailings
In February 1994, WMC announced that 3 million m3 (or 3 billion litres) of tailings effluent had leaked from it's tailings retention facility. A subsequent South Australian parliamentary inquiry was highly critical of WMC's operation of the facility.
Economic Figures
The $$Money$$ Or The Gun.....
Analysis of publicly available economic figures on the Roxby mine - shows that it is NOT the economic gold-mine it is made out to be when subsidies and amounts are shown in REAL DOLLAR terms.
WMC Shareholders & Directors
WMC Board of Director's and Top 20 Shareholders. Does your bank or superfund invest in uranium ?
Cu-U Production
To Date
The total quantity of copper and uranium produced by Roxby to date - available through the complete Australia-wide document (PDF).
  • WMC Dossier
  • BP Dossier
  • The Gulliver Dossier - The Truth About WMC
    The dossier from "The Gulliver File", a remarkable book outlining WMC's role in the global nuclear industry, with links to global companies also involved.
    Roxstop '97
    Roxstop Desert Action & Music Festival '97 Website
    Transcripts from the Public Meeting on Low-Dose Radiation Exposure, plenty of photos of actions, the mine and infrastructure, mound springs, background information.....Check it out!
    Image Library
    Image Library (The Roxstop Website)
    For images and photos of Roxby, as well as plenty of the surrounding region, the mound springs, see the Roxstop '97 website.
  • Mound Springs
  • Research Report
  • Background Info.
  • Roxby's Borefields
  • Roxby's Devastating Impact On The Mound Springs
  • Overview of the importance of the Mound Springs of the Lake Eyre region;
  • Details on ordering a detailed research report on the springs and Roxby;
  • Background sheet on the springs prepared for Roxstop '97;
  • Background sheet on Roxby's Borefields and the Springs (from Roxstop '97).
  • Detailed Timeline
    A Detailed Timeline of Roxby's History
    Roxby Downs, ever since it's discovery in 1975, has been controversial. These are the main events describing why.
    Public Inquiry
    Peter Schnelbogl's Submission to the Public Inquiry by NIC
    The current government failed to adequately undertake a broad ranging inquiry into the nuclear industry and uranium mining in this country (they allege the SSCUMM report was good enough!), and so the Nuclear Information Centre (SA) held their own! This is Peter Schnelbogl's submission to that inquiry.
    Expansion EIS
    Roxby's Still Trying To Expand......
    Criticisms made of the 1997 Expansion Project Environmental Impact Statement (EIS). And yes, there plenty of scathing comments made by many across Australia!
    EIA Process
    Commonwealth Env. Impact Assessment
    Official Notices from the Commonwealth concerning the EIA Process for the Roxby Expansion, including copies of the Draft and Final Guidelines, Environment Australia's Assessment of the EIS, etc.
    Bechtel's Truth
    The True Dirt on Bechtel
    The true story behind Bechtel Corporation, the largest engineering construction company in the world, who maintain the closest links of any company with the C.I.A. and lots of other "friends".
    Radioactive Legacy A brief account of the radioactive legacy that Roxby is so generously giving future generations.
    Roxby Expansion A brief account of the current expansion program going an at Roxby, and why it should STOP NOW!

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