Lake Maitland Uranium Deposit

See also : Anti-Nuclear Alliance of WA / People for Nuclear Disarmament (WA)

This deposit is currently owned by Acclaim Uranium (90%) with Sandstone Resources NL (10%), being formerly owned by Cultus Pacific NL (Cultus Resources from 1985), Carpentaria Exploration Co Pty Ltd, Southern Ventures NL (AUS) and Skyline Asia Ltd.

A dispute between the partners in the prospect slowed exploration during 1982 and 1983 (2). It also holds 3,500 tonnes of U3O8 in reserve at the Lake Maitland prospect, 90 km north-west of the town of Agnew, Western Australia. (3).

MIM has announced possible economically exploitable reserves at Lake Maitland, but exploitation will probably depend on how (if ever) the Lake Way deposits and the Cultus Pacific claim, also at Lake Maitland, proceed (2).

The prospect, also known as Mount Joel, is now being explored and controlled by Acclaim Uranium NL.

Latitude 27 Deg. 10 Min. S
Longitude 121 Deg. 5 Min. E

Information from the "The Gulliver File", Carpentaria Exploration Co Pty Ltd,
Cultus Pacific NL (now Cultus Resources) and Southern Ventures NL (AUS) Dossiers.

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