Proposed Jabiluka Uranium Mine

Jabiluka: World Heritage or Wasteland?

In a Nut-Shell :
ERA's proposed Jabiluka uranium mine is a mine that hopes to extract the world's most toxic element - uranium, will have negative consequences for the Aboriginal groups of the region, is likely to adversely impact upon the surrounding Kakadu National Park and associated Magela wetlands, will unnecessarily irradiate workers and the residents of the Kakadu region,.........

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World Heritage : IN DANGER!

Location Where on earth is the Jabiluka uranium deposit ?
Deposit What is the size of the ore body ERA hope to mine ?
World Heritage :
World Heritage : IN DANGER!
We need every effort across the globe to make sure Kakadu is listed as "World Heritage IN DANGER" because of Jabiluka.
  • Photos! (~ 618 kb)
  • July 1999
  • The Jabiluka Image Library
    Photos of the huge "Stop Jabiluka" banner drop on the Arnhem Land escarpment and Kakadu! Professionally shot, plus miscellaneous images. (Large page ~ 618 kb)
    Senate Inquiry
    Senate Inquiry into Jabiluka
    The Australian Senate undertook a detailed into the proposed Jabiluka mine by ERA. Links to the report and transcripts.
  • ERA and North
  • Boycott Westpac
  • Corporate Info : ERA, North & Westpac
    Complete corporate information on ERA - shareholders, directors, etc.
  • Infringements
    Env. Record
  • Jabiluka's Infringements and Environmental Record
    ERA are already promoting Jabiluka as the greatest mine on Planet Earth. Their growing list of problems and infringements mirrors the atrocious record of their polluting Ranger mine .....
  • Jabiluka
  • Jabiluka by David Bradbury
    The new documentary by David Bradbury on the Mirrar's struggle to Stop Jabiluka Mine!
  • PER (PDF)
  • Submissions on the Jabiluka PER
    Submissions on the Public Environment Report (PER) for ERA to build a mill at Jabiluka.
  • EIS Criticisms!
  • FoE Sydney
  • NIC-SA (PDF)
  • Criticisms of the Jabiluka Draft EIS
    Many important sections of the Australian community and scientific establishments have made strong criticisms of ERA's Draft EIS and Supplement for Jabiluka.
    Gulliver Dossiers
  • ERA
  • Pancontinental
  • Ranger
  • The Gulliver Dossiers - The Truth About ERA
    The dossiers from "The Gulliver File", a remarkable book outlining the corporate history of many uranium companies, including ERA, Pancontinental, the early history of the Jabiluka Uranium Project and it's opposition, etc.....
    Brief Overview
    Brief Overview of Why Jabiluka Must Not Be Touched
    Jabiluka, within World Heritage Kakadu National Park, will become a mining nightmare if it proceeds. Here are some of the basic reasons why we should be investing our $$ elsewhere.
  • EIA Process
  • PER Process
  • Commonwealth Env. Impact Assessment
    Official Notices from the Commonwealth concerning the EIA Process for Jabiluka, including copies of the Guidelines and the new Public Environment Report.

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