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Heathgate's Beverley Uranium Mine extracts the world's most toxic element - uranium, could have negative consequences for the Aboriginal groups of the region, is likely to adversely impact upon the surrounding groundwater resources of the Lake Frome region (potentially the Great Artesian Basin), unnecessarily irradiates workers and the residents of the Flinders Ranges region,.........

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Media Relase - May 9, 2000

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Photos courtesy of FREAC - Click photo for larger version.

Location &
How 2 Get There
Where on earth is the Beverley uranium mine ?
Directions on how to Take A Look for Yourself.
Deposit What is the size of the ore body Heathgate is mining ?
  • Beverley Mine Site
  • Field Leach Trial
  • More FLT Images
  • 5-Spot Wellfield
  • Regional Images
  • More Regional
  • Misc. Images
  • The Beverley Uranium Project Image Library
  • Photos of the Beverley mine site and infrastructure.
  • Photos of the current Beverley Field Leach Trial (FLT).
  • Photos of the surrounding region, including the Lake Frome Plains, Paralana Hot Springs, North Flinders Ranges/Gammon Ranges.
  • Miscellaneous Images, including Charles Foldenauer, regional groundwater flow, in situ leaching (ISL), uranium maps, location, etc.
  • Tailings &
    Mine Waste '00
  • Tailings & Mine Waste '00 - Latest Papers
    Latest papers on the long-term groundwater impacts from acid leach uranium mining - significant updates on the 1998 Report.
  • Beverley EIS
  • Beverley EIS & Supplement Resources
    Detailed submissions made by ACF, Gavin Mudd, Southwest Research (New Mexico, USA) and other info.
  • Detailed History
  • Brief Overview
  • Stopped in 83
  • The Beverley Uranium Project History
    A detailed (or brief) account of the Beverley Uranium Project - historical attempts to develop it, problems, and current activities, plus a review of the truth behind the SA government stopping Beverley in 1983.
  • DEF Critique
  • FoI Documents
  • The Beverley Groundwater Sacrifice Zone
    Why the Field Leach Trial DEF is woefully inadequate. Here is a detailed critique of why approvals should never have been forthcoming until a myriad of complex hydrogeological issues are resolved. In early 1998, the SA government bowed to pressure by ACF and released documents used for the approval of the DEF through Freedom of Information (FoI) - they demonstrate a very weak environmental assessment.
    Questions & Answers
    Beverley : Questions & Answers
    A series of questions and answers on the Beverley uranium deposit.
  • ISL - Overview
  • Hidden Problems
  • Case Against ISL
  • How Safe is ISL ?
  • An overview of how In Situ Leaching works.
  • Out of Sight, Out of Mind : the hidden problems of ISL mines worldwide.
  • The Case Against ISL - a 154 page research report on damage from ISL.
  • EarthBeat on ABC :
    ISL Technology Special
  • ABC's Award Winning Environmental Current Affairs Program
    A detailed look by Alexandra de Blas from ABC's EarthBeat at the proposed use of sulphuric acid ISL technology at Beverley and Honeymoon, the international context, environmental assessment process, interviews with Heathgate Resources, Gavin Mudd, David Noonan (ACF-SA).....
  • Texas & ISL
  • Wyoming & ISL
  • ISL Info on Texas/Wyoming, USA
    Info on the continually relaxed groundwater cleanup standards at ISL sites in Texas, spills in Wyoming, and other info.....
  • Web Links
  • ISL Jargon
  • ISL Ref's
  • ISL Resources on The Web
    Links to other ISL websites of interest, a glossary of those wonderful ISL jargon terms - What do those tecko words mean, in English that is ? Plus a detailed list of technical references on ISL.
  • Corporate Profiles of
    Heathgate Resources
  • General Atomics
  • New Corporate Profiles of
    Heathgate Resources and General Atomics
    Detailed info on the corporate history and details of Heathgate Resources, the Australian automoton of USA-based nuclear multi-national recalcitrant - General Atomics. GA have been involved in the disasterous Sequoyah Fuels Facility (uranium conversion plant) in the USA, as well as research reactors all over the world alleged to be involved in nuclear weapons programs.
    The Gulliver
  • Beverley Dossier
  • General Atomics Dossier
  • US-NRC FIles
  • The Gulliver Dossiers - The Truth About General Atomics
    The dossiers from "The Gulliver File", a remarkable book outlining the corporate history of many uranium companies, including General Atomics, the early history of the Beverley Uranium Project and it's opposition, plus download a collection of US-NRC report files on General Atomics poor behaviour in the USA, etc.....
    EIA Process
    Commonwealth Env. Impact Assessment
    Official Notices from the Commonwealth concerning the EIA Process for Beverley, including copies of the EIS Guidelines, Assessment and Consultants' Reports.

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