Uranium Companies Across Australia
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Here's an almost comprehensive list of uranium (and nuclear) companies across Australia, mostly active in mining and exploration. Many are local and dominantly Western Australian, although some big foreign multi-internationals are also weighing in on the exploration 'hype'. Also included are company details for Steritech (Food Irradiation), Silex (uranium enrichment), Synroc Australia and Pangea Resources (both high-level nuclear waste).

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Current Companies Active in Australia :

Major Companies - Nuclear Companies - Junior Explorers - Sideline Explorers

(Mostly) Complete contact address list here.

Major Mining and Exploration Companies :

Nuclear Companies :

Smaller Exploration Companies :

Major Explorers :

Minor Explorers (mostly in Joint Ventures with companies above) :

Curios or Sideline Exploration Companies :

Historical Companies Once Active in Australia :

Some companies involved during the 1970's to early 1980's :

Some companies involved during the 1950's and early 1960's :

Internet Resources :

Some ways to find information on the internet about uranium companies :

Much of the corporate information found here is from Mudd, 1998. Compiled for the "Nuclear Free Australia Forum" held by the Anti-Uranium Collective from Friends of the Earth (Fitzroy) in December 1998.

Another important reference - "Register of Australian Mining 1999/00", Published by Resource Information Unit (RIU). A major book documenting all current companies in mining, known mineral deposits and exploration programs - very extensive and reasonably accurate. Check their website - http://www.riu.com.au/ram.html.

Another version of the Mining Register is the "98 Australian Mines Handbook" published by Paydirt Magazine. Check their website - http://www.erd.pair.com/Paydirt_Online/98handbk.htm.

Last updated January 4, 2001.

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