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With the election of the Howard federal government in March 1996, there has been an unprecendented push to expand Australia's uranium mining and other nuclear activities, regardless of the well documented truths of these industries on our own soil and overseas. Our involvement in the mining and export of uranium creates a radioactive legacy at every mine site and fuels radioactive impacts around the world. Nuclear power, once hoped to be safe and 'too cheap to meter', has proven to be dirty, dangerous and expensive, and the proliferation of nuclear weapons poses its most ominous threat in history. Radioactive waste and nuclear weapons are both creations of the uranium industry and the nuclear fuel cycle. As the debate over uranium mining heats up we must ensure that these basic facts are not lost. The Australian uranium industry is :


Australian Uranium: Unearthing Disaster

In the five decades since the creation of the nuclear industry, vast sums of money have been spent to convince the public that nuclear technology is both necessary and desirable. The industry still lacks credibility in a number of key areas :

  • Nuclear Energy is not clean - All parts of the nuclear fuel cycle, from uranium mining to reprocessing, contribute to the creation of long-lived radioactive wastes.
  • Nuclear energy is not cheap - In many places renewable energy sources are as cheap or significantly cheaper than nuclear energy. When the electricity utilities were privatised in the United Kingdom the market refused to purchase or support nuclear utilities.
  • Nuclear energy is not the answer to global warming - Extensive studies have shown that each dollar invested in end-use energy efficiency displaces nearly seven times more carbon that a dollar invested in nuclear power.
  • Nuclear power is not safe - Nuclear reactors routinely release radiation into the surrounding environment. Incidents, accidents, releases and leaks plague the industry in every country where it operates.
  • Uranium mining is not safe - According to the International Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War, uranium mining has been responsible for the largest collective exposure of workers to radiation. One estimate puts the number of workers who have died of lung cancer and silicosis due to mining and milling alone at 20,000. It is widely agreed that there is no safe level of radiation exposure.
  • The threat posed by nuclear weapons is not over - More than 40,000 nuclear warheads still exist. Nuclear proliferation continues and there is a growing global trade in nuclear smuggling.
  • The problems of nuclear waste have not been solved - Despite industry assurances, nuclear waste remains a very real and very potent danger. They need to be isolated from people and the wider environment for up to tens or even hundred of thousands of years.

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'In my opinion the moral decision for Australians would be to leave their uranium in the ground. I think that the risks attached to its removal - such as those of increasing the chances of thermonuclear war and of destroying part of Australia's great natural heritage - are in no way balanced by the purported benefits.'
Paul Ehrlich, 1977

'It is mined from deep mines, for it is material that nature hides from us, teaching us to leave it as harmful, but this does not cause the arrogant miners to leave it.'
Birringucio, 1540
'When ores are washed, the water which has been used poisons the brooks and streams. Therefore the inhabitants of these regions, on account of the devastation of their fields, woods, groves, brooks and rivers find great difficulty in producing the necessities of life.'
Agricola, 1556

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'Like you I am against the mining of uranium. With Australia becoming increasingly scarred morally as well as physically, I'm surprised there aren't more who share our views. Perhaps there are if they stop to think, and you and your allies will start them doing so.'
Patrick White - from a letter to Mary Elliott, May 8, 1975

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1 - V. Birringucio, 1540, The Pirotechnia, The MIT Press, Massachusetts, USA, 1943.
2 - Georgius Agricola, 1556, De Re Metallica. Translated by Herbert Clark Hoover and Lou Henry Hoover 1912. Reprint, New York : Dover Publications. (Quoted in Eggert, 1994. Mining and its Environmental Impact : Resources for the Future. Washington DC.)

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